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Mexico Mandates & Restrictions

Mexico has been and is currently one the countries open to tourists without any tests, vaccines or quarantine required. Tourism in Mexico has become increasingly popular during the pandemic with beach towns such as Playa Del Carmen and Tulum being almost completely open during the whole time, welcoming tourists where other countries shut them out.

Tulum for example had tons of festivals during the pandemic, and Playa Del Carmen’s nightclubs and restaurants were largely open the whole time, allowing tourists to come and go as they please without tests or quarantine.

Other places in Mexico such as the capital: Mexico City was mostly open, though at times had curfews for restaurants, bars and nightclubs in order to try to stop the spread. The state of Jalisco was mostly open, including the beach town of Puerto Vallarta.

While most of the world is now currently open, it remains to be seen what will happen with this beautifully diverse country in the months and years to come, as new pandemics may or may not emerge. in the meantime, we recommend Mexico if you’re looking to escape restrictions or lockdowns in other places around the world.

Updated June 30, 2022.